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Set in 1990 in Nairobi Kenya. A mysterious and frightening disease starts to devastate communities in East Africa. The tradionalist are calling it a ‘curse caused by sorcery’.

Trained doctors are calling it a new virus transmitted through bodily fluids. People in the neighborhood are caught between both worlds. The movie tells of a teenager Wamba who lives in the neighborhood ‘Cali’ in Narobi, Kenya where AIDS is not well known and death is often associated with sorcery. In his spare time he sells used books and hangings out with his friends playing soccer near the corner store. The day Wamba loses his parents to AIDS he becomes the neighborhood enemy. His friends are afraid that Wamba is a sorcerer or AIDS victim.

Studio: XL Squad Entertainment

Country of Origin: USA | Worldwide Aspect Ratio:  16:9  – Available in HD