Zack and Addie Documentary Film

ADDIE CU Katrinacampinghappy Margaret_SanchezCigsmile Zack_Addiephotomagcola Zack and Addie The true documentary story that  explores root causes of a notorious murder-suicide which shook New Orleans and made the world take notice.  A Film by Rob Florence. The central character of ZACK AND ADDIE, Margaret Sanchez, has been arrested for another murder which also involves dismemberment and beheading. Sanchez’s co-conspirator boyfriend Terry Speaks was convicted of this crime last December. In a jail house confession, Speaks implicated Margaret. Her trial starts in July, 2016. It was the kind of crime that seemed to come straight out of a cheap horror flick. A young Army vet kills and dismembers his girlfriend in a French quarter apartment above a voodoo temple, then ends his own life by jumping from the top of a nearby hotel. There were even rumors that he cooked her-with seasoning. But beyond the yellow journalism surrounding their deaths, there is also a story of two individuals – New Orleanians-who had friends, co-workers, landloards. They were real people, not just subjects of a sensational crime – and this documentary seeks to offer as much of that backstory as possible. Through interviews with the people who knew them the best, the film explores the crime from multiple perspectives. And in seeking to come to terms with how this horrible crime could have ever come to happen, it ends up raising as many questions as it answer. Documentary Film | Murder Suicide Crime |  True Story | 76 min