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THE GOLF ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK is the channel you go to for amazing classic matches, matches, news and entertainment about the sport of golf. With an extensive library of amazing golf content, behind scene of events, classic matches, golf movies, sport series, original programing, and more of all eras THE GOLF ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK provides audience with programing that they love to see and keeps them watching hours of programing.  With hours of programing the channel will provide entertainment that fits anyone looking for great content to view.  The Network infuses great golf programing that the world has to offer. Experience the Golf Lifestyle on the first Golf Entertainment Channel. The network is focused on compelling storytelling, interesting personalities, features and fashions, interviews and instruction videos giving a fresh perspective on the golf lifestyle and its worldwide influence

Program Lines-Up: THE GOLF ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK   is your main location for golf content that will keep audience wanting more, with entertaining golf docu-series, documentaries, interviews, clips, instructional videos, golf movies, matches, highlights, insight on beautiful courses, News,  and entertainment series. 

Genre:  Match replays, Historical Match Replays, Live sports events, Interviews, News, Highlights, and more

Languages: Available in English

Availability: 24/7 Linear & VOD

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