Seeking National Advertising and Sponsorship Sale Representative

The company is actively seeking Advertising Sale representative and Sponsorship Sale representative to sale national commercial spots and sponsorship packages for syndicated television series, live events & concerts, parties, and sporting events.

The company is also seeking representatives to sale ad space in print magazines, digital magazine, and websites.

All opportunities are open for commission based sales representative with 3+ year experience in sales and a track record in securing and closing deals with advertisers and sponsors. All Representatives will seek a base commission rate with bonus for achieving and meeting sales goals. Motivated representatives could make 6 figures with sales of multiple sponsorship and advertising packages.

Position Details:

Commission Percentage: 5-8%

Bonuses: Cash bonus will be paid to representatives that can sale  multiple Commercial Blocks ($6000-15000k)

Cash bonus will be paid to Sales representative that can close on set determine amount + of sponsorship packages sold a month will see bonus of ($6000-20,000)

Sales representatives that can close on at least 20,000+ of print, website and digital ads sales a month will see bonus of ($1000-3200)

Areas of Focus TV Commercial Spots, Event Sponsorship and print advertising Sales:  Syndicated TV series, Sports TV Series, Print + Digital Magazine Hip Hop, Sports, and entertainment magazine, live events, concerts, and sport events.

  • Experience of 3+ years
  • Must have relationship & successful track record with The major Media Buyers, Ad Sales Agency, Advertisers & Sponsorship Marketing Managers of key targeted brands,
  • Must be able to communicate well with us weekly and keep record of your contacts with advertiser by email, phone, and etc.  A excel template will be provided.
  • Must have strong negotiation  and communication skills

Contact Us Here and Forward Resume