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EnVus Worldwide Entertainment LLC agrees on multi year deal with Azam TV in October 2019 to carry it’s lifestyle and entertainment branded network the Yummi Yum Food Network.

Yummi Yum Food Network is a unique lifestyle network that connects viewers to recipes, dishes, and food culture from many parts of the world and broadcasts stories of international food traditions, recipes, cuisines, culture, and cooking series.

EnVus Worldwide Entertainment LLC CEO Michael Robinson comments “We are excited to partner with Azam TV and show it’s viewers our unique lifestyle channel and look forward to providing  Azam TV audience our  exciting network and content”



About EnVus Worldwide Entertainment, LLC

Founded in 2005, Michigan based EnVus Worldwide Entertainment LLC is a Motion Picture & Television licensing, distribution and production company. EnVus Worldwide Entertainment is an emerging entertainment company which focuses on motion picture and CGI film industry, sports, home entertainment, media, publishing, branded TV networks, apps and more. EnVus Worldwide Entertainment provides enriching television channels and new high quality programing on all of its branded television networks and currently owns and operates a portfolio of 20+ HD and 4K networks distributed globally.



About Azam TV

Azam TV is East Africa’s leading digital satellite television service owned by the Bakhresa Group, headquartered in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.  Azam TV is part of the Bakhresa Group of Companies with an established track record for providing high-quality products and services to the market across Africa.