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Our company gives audiences amazing TV network in beautiful 4k/HDR Ultra HD. Our 4k/UHD TV networks continue to please audiences with great high quality UHD programings. With our High Dynamic Range (HDR) channels specification extends the color depth, luminance, brightness, and contrast on the programing shown on our 4k networks.

Legacy 4k TV Networks are available as 24/7 linear or VOD television networks dedicated to high quality 4k programming consisting of motion pictures, original television series, compelling documentary, sport events, concert special, behind-the- scene features and more.  For More info on our network visit the official page – Legacy TV Networks >

SyFright 4k TV Network are the channels you go to for great 4k films sci-fiction, thrillers and horror. With an extensive movie library consisting of horror, thriller, sci-fiction, documentaries, original programing, of all eras SyFright TV Networks provides audience with programing that they love to see that keeps them watching hours of programing. With each hour of programing the channel will provide entertainment that fits anyone looking for great sci-fiction, horror, or thriller content to view 24/7.

The SyFright TV Networks audience enjoys their favorites movies and series from many eras, including classic horror and sci-fiction movies, new releases, and fan favorites and we bring this to them in the best way possible everyday. For more info on our network visit the official page –  SyFright TV Networks >

Movies:  Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, War, Adventure, Animation, Thriller, Horror, & More

TV Series:  Mini-Series, Lifestyle, Travel, Entertainment, & More

Documentary:  Documentary-series & more

Concerts:  All Genre of Music From Top Musical Artists

Sports Events:  Boxing, Martial Arts, MMA, Wrestling, Muay Thai, & More

Languages: Available in English


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