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Please submit all inquiry to us with the following subject lines and brief information about your inquiry.

General Inquiry
Seeking general information or inquiry please direct your message to us with this subject title.

Business Inquiry
If you like to do business with us and want to get in contact with executive, directors, and manager of our company please submit inquiry with this subject line.

Investing or Investors
If you are seeking to invest or looking for updates on a project you have invested in with us please inquiry here for direct contact and special login to view progression of the titles.

If you are interested in having your films, TV series, concerts series, documentary, webisodes, or music distributed by us please place this title and inquire in subject line.

If you are seeking syndication services for first run, off network series

Co-production/Project Financing and Funding (Film, TV Series, Documentary)
Please provide brief details about the project, talent attached, and etc, all request can be submitted to us here, please place this title and inquire in subject line. If we are interested in the project, we will contact you back regarding the projects.

If you have inquiries regarding any of the following subject being published with us or titles carried by us Books, Magazine, Newspapers, websites, social networking sites, or etc. If you seeking to have you title Self Published by us and would like to inquiry about services, please submit your inquiries to us at this email address.

Special Screenings
For DOMESTIC- US Theatrical Film rental inquiries such as film festivals, theater bookings, & etc. as well as screening for TV series, Documentaries, music, and etc. please direct inquiry with to us with this subject line.

Request Screeners, photos, trailers, press kits, or other material
Request to us can be submitted with this subject line

Candidates may apply for positions within the Distribution, Publicity, Marketing, Post Production, Sales, CGI Artists, Web design, Development and IT Services Departments

Music Licensing
If you are interested in licensing a piece of original music from one of our films, please place this title and inquire in subject line.

If you are interested in licensing stills, video, or clips from one of our titles, please place this in the title and inquire in subject line.